Lu Keelin-Elder

Lu was born and raised in southern Florida and at about the time he entered high school his family moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee. As early as 9 years old, Lu had a desire to follow the Lord but it wasn’t until he was 16 that he committed his life to the Lord. During the fall of his senior year in high school, Lu had a basketball injury that knocked him out of the season. Consequently, Lu made poor decisions that included leaving the church. His parents were most concerned and prayed that God would get ahold of his heart in any way. After two and a half years and chastening from the Lord, Lu was graciously drawn to the Cross of Christ and repented of prideful disobedience and sin and was brought into fellowship with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

After working at various jobs and not earning enough money to attend college, Lu joined the US Navy. He attended Machinist Mate (MM) service school at Great Lakes Naval Station and was stationed on board the USS Niagara Falls AFS-3, Guam, Mariana Islands.  Lu attended church at Harvest Baptist Church and met Beverly, a lovely kindergarten teacher at Harvest Baptist Academy. They were married July 3, 1993, 25 years ago in Puerto Rico by his father who was a missionary pastor in Mayagüez.

After finishing his enlistment, Lu attended Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky his father’s alma mater. Lu and Bev earned Baccalaureate degrees at Georgetown College and they moved to Puerto Rico for a year of mission work at his parent’s church in Mayagüez. Returning to the states, Lu re-affiliated as an Information Systems Technician (IT) with the US Navy and served another four years as a reservist with his gaining command in Molesworth, England.

Currently, the Lord has placed the Keelins in Kenosha, Wisconsin and they love their jobs as high school teachers and the opportunities to work with colleagues and students. Christ The King Church is the highlight of their mission here in Kenosha. The Keelins want to be missional and intentional in living out the gospel of Jesus Christ. Lu would like to encourage the amazing people of CTKC to continue in the Word of God and be instant in every season of life with the gospel of Jesus Christ to proclaim and to love one another, whether it is at home or abroad…to God be the Glory!