DaveBarnard-Elder   dave.barnard@ctkckenosha.org

David grew up in Waukegan, Illinois and became a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ after hearing and responding to the Gospel at a Billy Graham Crusade in Chicago in 1971.

He is thankful for the godly influences of his mother and father and for their faithful example of following Jesus through many difficult times.  His mother Nancy was miraculously healed on October 15, 1971 after 14 years of MS when he was almost 12 years old.  All the glory belongs to the Lord Jesus!  It produced a dramatic change in his life, family, neighborhood and church.

He married his high school sweetheart Leslie in 1981 and has been blessed with four children and one grandchild.  They have had the privilege of homeschooling and discipling Jeremiah, Jacob, Abigail and Anna, and their family has enjoyed camping, canoeing and spending many vacations in the great outdoors together.  Currently, both sons are married, Abigail is working in the medical field, and Anna is planning to become a chef.

His prayer for Christ the King Church is that we would glorify and exalt the Lord Jesus Christ in our worship, witness and devotion to the One who has saved us.  His desire is that we be found giving thanks always to our Heavenly Father who enables us to do this through His Holy Spirit.